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Using a website to track progress, and other stuff

posted Aug 26, 2011 21:59:46 by jziady
1. Practice 1: I set up a website for Biology using Weebly, and one of the pages I created is called "Checks for Understanding". On that page, I'm going to create links to Google Forms designed to elicit information from students about their understanding of learning targets (in various ways). This information will be recorded for me in a spreadsheet linked to my form, and I will be able to easily analyze it. If it is quantitative, I will be able to summarize in in chart or graph form.
2. The science department decided on a consistent 1-4 scale for students to use to self assess their understanding of a learning target: 1: just getting started; 2: on my way, but I still have some questions; 3: I got it, and I'm ready to pass test on it; 4: I could teach this to another student.
3.For my first Unit, I have developed a clear rubric for the major assessment for the unit, a guided inquiry experiment called "Is a seed Alive"; this rubric details exactly what students need to do in their performance assessment in order to meet the criteria for mastery. It will also give them guidance when revising if targets are not met.
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