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Boyer's topics

posted Aug 26, 2011 21:55:25 by Mboyer
1. Dialectic journaling or interactive writing with students.
2. 3x5 cards for interactive blooms questioning
3. Socratic seminars. This quetioning helps clarify understanding and spreads the academic vocab
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barbmacon said Aug 26, 2011 21:58:29
Do you have a set list of Bloom's question stems to work from?
What are the materials / process behind this?
Will you invite me in to witness a Socratic seminar this year?
Mboyer said Aug 26, 2011 23:44:51
I do have a list of sentence stems for every level and it is a flip book that I have taped to my podium. I would be happy to share. I will invite you to our first socratic seminar.
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