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RHSCCamp 2011 > 3 Practices Selected

3 practices I plan to practice

posted Aug 26, 2011 21:58:29 by
1. Learning Portfolios: Tracking sheets that students will write each learning target, formative assessments they know show evidence, and a place to make and reflect on goals. These will be made mid-unit and end of unit.
2. Science Spiral Notebooks: Students will use same or similar format in each science class, same or similar rubrics and scoring guides. Mine will have a "learning target page" where every time a new learning target is introduced students will be required to copy it down. Mid and End-unit students will be asked to color code learning targets and assignments/assessments that link or match those targets. Another way learning targets will be explicitly linked to daily work and assessments.
3. Learning Checks/Exit Tickets: students rate their level of understanding on a simple rubric for a learning target - and these are saved in portfolio or notebook each unit to show growth.
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