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RHSCCamp 2011 > 3 Practices Selected

3 practices

posted Aug 26, 2011 21:58:01 by mheisler
1. self and peer assessment
2. exit tickets/one minute essay
3. scoring guides/rubrics
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barbmacon said Aug 26, 2011 22:04:16
i'm curious to see what the range of one-minute essays come out as.
sounds like a great speed-writing exercise.
marianneiwood said Aug 26, 2011 22:07:57
The three practices I benefited the most from were group collaboration, formative assessments, and using standards (specifically ESL). Since I will be a student teacher, I am excited to collaborate more with staff in the future and get constructive feedback about my teaching and learning. It was really interesting collaborating with the English teachers. I am used to collaborating with foreign language teachers. I found them to be very knowledgeable, experienced, and helpful. I liked talking about literature strategies with them (with foreign language, most of my Spanish students were not at the level yet to read literature). I also learned about some new formative assessments that I hadn't used before in the past, and I also was able to learn more about ESL standards. I have previously taught Spanish before, so I am used to foreign language standards, but these are slightly different from ESL standards.
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